Welcome to The Knicknackery

Hearth & Home Boutique

Recycling, upcycling, reimagining;

That is what ‘The Knicknackery’ is all about.

These are all just synonyms for life after my car accident in 2015. My friend Tammy started taking me to painting classes as therapy in 2017 and my passion was ignited! I had to put my paintbrush down when I became a mom 32 years ago as fate had other plans.

Welcome to our new shop!

Bring Creativity Home

I fell in love with finding old pieces of furniture at auctions or discarded in yard sales and turning them into pieces of beauty. What proved difficult however, was finding high quality paint and other finishing products and items I needed here in Northern B.C. I then had an idea. Why not create a place where I could source everything that I had trouble finding for other furniture refinishing enthusiasts? A one-stop shop?

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The Knicknackery is a haven where people can come for advice, workshops, a creative space to work on projects, as well as shop a wide selection of high quality paint colours and stencils.

Need a last minute gift for someone special? We have you covered!

Thank you for helping me recreate my life.